National Blanket Hearts Day

If you can tie a knot, you can take part in National Blanket Hearts Day. It’s that easy! This nationwide day of service offers individuals, families, friends, and community groups (large or small) the opportunity to come together in service to others through the loving production and distribution of ‘no-sew’ fleece blankets.


Our hope is to have an individual (or group) in every U.S. state participating in National Blanket Hearts Day. Whether it is one person making a blanket at their kitchen table or an entire organization joining together to make hundreds of blankets for those in need, we hope you will consider joining us on this journey! Fill out the registration form to get started, and stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates as we strive to #BlanketAmericaWithLove!


Community groups, civic organizations, churches, service organizations, social clubs, friends, families, and neighbors


A nationwide one-day service project featuring local ‘no-sew’ blanket-making events to benefit those in need


February 8, 2020

(Special Facebook LIVE broadcast with special message from Blanket Hearts founder Amber Ostrup)


Community centers, schools, churches, synagogues, and homes all across America


To support the mission of Blanket Hearts, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, of bringing comfort to those in need through the loving production and distribution of ‘no-sew’ fleece blankets in communities nationwide


It’s easy for your organization to take part in this nationwide day of service!

  • PLAN. Organize and host a “no-sew” blanket-making event in your community any time on Saturday, February 10th.
  • REGISTER. Let us know you’re participating! Fill out a quick registration form and e-mail it to with the details of your event, including who is hosting the event and how many blankets you hope to make.
  • OBTAIN. Purchase the necessary fabric and supplies using funds from donations, sponsorships, or fundraising.
  • PROMOTE. Use social media to post live updates and pictures from your event. Be sure to tag your posts: #blankethearts #BlanketAmericaWithLove
  • GIVE BACK. Deliver your lovingly prepared, hand-crafted blankets to those in need in your community, including area hospitals, senior centers, veterans groups, and social service organizations.

’No-Sew’ Blanket Event Toolkit

We are so excited you will be taking part in National Blanket Hearts Day. We’ve developed several resources to help make your event a success – everything from event-planning guides to printable templates!

May you feel the love of the community wrapping their arms around you saying, WE LOVE YOU! God bless.

Registration Form

Interested in participating in National Blanket Hearts Day? If so, let us know. Please fill out this form, and someone from Blanket Hearts will contact you to help you get started!


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