I would like to share the letters and emails I receive from Blanket Hearts no-sew blanket recipients who are so grateful for the gift of love and comfort.  These testimonials are for all the great Blanket Hearts supporters, donors, and volunteers who make it possible to comfort people in need.  THANK YOU!

Dear Blanket Hearts,

Thank you so much for the beautiful blanket. My son curled up with on the plane ride home and now loves curling up with it when he is watching TV. It reminders him of the fun he had at Snowball Express this year and will always be an object that he will associate with Snowball. Even though he won’t admit it in front of his friends, he loves it.

Thanks you so much for providing an opportunity for him to have a blanket. It will be something he will treasure for a long time.


I just wanted to send a note to thank you for offering Patriot Guard Riders a homemade blanket. We were so surprised to be included this year. We have admired the beautiful prints, and have appreciated the hard work involved in our many years of volunteering for Snowball Express.
We adore our blankets that were made out of love.

Thank you again!